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Technical Specifications

Guidelines to re-open the GMA effective March 10, 2021

As has always been, the safety and comfort of our patrons, performers, and staff is always our top priority.  As Governor Abbott has opened Texas back up, we have come up with a plan that phases the GMA reopening to get to a full 100% capacity.

Effective March 10 – 31, the GMA will operate at 25% seating capacity (369 people) with the entire theater remaining Socially Distanced.   This number does not include the performers, stage-hands, and technicians.  

Effective April 1 – 30, the GMA will operate at 50% seating capacity (706 people) with the middle section being opened 100% with no seating restrictions and both side sections remaining Socially Distanced.

Effective May 1 – 31, the GMA will operate at 75% seating capacity (1,106 people) with the middle section and one side section open with no restrictions, and the other side section remaining Socially Distanced.

Effective June 1 and beyond, the GMA will be opened to 100% capacity unless the organization presenting the show wants Social Distancing in place, and we will work with them to do so

Health protocols for serving our guests and renters:

  • Encourage on-line ticketing to help manage Box Office capacity limitations. 
  • In Socially Distanced areas of the theater, we will ensure proper spacing between patrons by adapting the following protocol: 
    • Main Floor Seating –
      • Every other row will be blocked off. 
      • Family groups and friend groups may sit together, however there must be 2 empty seats between groups.
      • For wheelchair guests, we can accommodate at total of 4 wheelchairs and 4 companions (2 in each ADA section).
    • Balcony Seating – 
      • Due to the balcony being much tighter than the main floor, we will block off 2 rows between occupied rows.
      • Family groups and friends may sit together, however there must be 2 empty seats between groups.
  • Fiesta Room/Dressing Rooms/Green Room – Please following the same precautions you use in your own rehearsal and spaces.
  • Elevator – Families and friend groups may ride the elevator together.  Individuals or people who are at a high risk should ride the elevator alone.
  • Lower Level Lobby – The Lower Level Lobby/Hallway will not be open for patrons, staff, or performers.  This include the downstairs restrooms.  This area is restricted for City Staff only. 
  • Seats and frequently touched surface  surfaces like handrails, doorknobs, elevator buttons will be cleaned between performances and will be cleaned daily when a group rents on consecutive days.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available at the Upper Lobby Counter, and near the front doors as guests enter the venue for employees/volunteers and patrons. 
  • Merchandise can only be sold from the Upper Level Lobby Counter  and the following guidelines taken into consideration:
    • Disinfect any items that come into contact with patrons. 
    • Contactless payment is encouraged.  Where not available, contact should be minimized.
  • Face Coverings are still strongly encouraged, but will ultimately be left up to the organization renting the venue to manage and recommend to their guests/patrons.